Get ready to Splash into Summer with the Little Cracker Drinks

I have two adorable children who love food and (Yes, I heard some of you… moaning :) ) Snacks and drinks. And, just as any other children, They do get bored soon with the same flavours and taste and look out for something different in the shop floor always (along with their Favourites… Please Note this point)

And just as other lovely mums, I try to feed my children all the 5-a-Day portions (or is it 7-a-Day) and most times I find a bottle of juice comes to rescue. With the heat wave warnings (Well, Yes, I agree, Minus someday like today), Keeping myself and my family well hydrated is most important for me and I also need to give the children more options to boost their interest in drinking fluids. Result of it….. We spend (More than) enough time at every week shopping to find something different and attractive (and to keep mum happy) and Healthy as well.

I was very happy to be chosen as one of the five Mumsnet Bloggers to try the range of 4 little Cracker drinks recently launched by The Crackers Drinks. It is definitely something that would interest the kids and feed something tastier yet different from their usual drinks. Picture1

Cracker saysWeoffer unique yet tasty fruit blends and most importantly provide parents with a healthier alternative to other drinks on the market. Our Little Cracker drinks meet school approved guidelines, have no added sugar or any artificial nasties. Each 200ml carton represents 1 of your 5 a day”.

Picture 7

When the postman Knocked the Door, I made a big mistake of collecting the parcel from Door without realizing how heavy it is going to be :). When I opened, I found 18 Cartons supplied for each flavour :). That’s really a lot of drink to try – Thanks to the lovely people at Crackers :). It was well packed with 6 units in each Flavour, in a pack of three Cartons in each unit.

Picture 2

The children loved the pictures on the Carton that explains the content of the drink with the picture of the fruits in it. The back of the Carton has the goodness of each fruit, the juice is made of, something interesting to feed the little ones brains after feeding their little tummies. :)


I am One of those Over-Conscious Mums when it comes to trying new taste. And, So… I was the first one to take the first sip of the New flavour. Cherry is our family favourite, so we all agreed to try “Blackcurrent and Cherry” first.  The blend of both fruits was mixed so carefully that when you relax and enjoy the drink, you can feel the taste of both. Ofcourse I didn’t expect that “Relaxed sip” from my Toddlers as it was very evident that they finished the Carton in  just few shots :)

Picture 6

We loved the Orange and Lemon the most – It was just perfectly blended and tasted more of a summer drink. Pear and Vanilla is our next Favourite followed by Blackcurrent and Cherry and the Apple & Raspberry. Sorry Apple, “An Apple a Day, Keep the Doctor away”… But still, there is less interest at home for Apple even in fruit form :(

I somehow felt Blackcurrent and Cherry was more watery than the others.

What we loved:

  • Mixture of Fruits makes a different taste and increases the Curiosity of the little ones to find which fruit is Dominant in the Juice.
  • 100% natural, pure juice with the splash of water
  • Just the right size for the little one – There was hardly any waste,
  •  No Added Sugar
  • Comes in a Carton and We love to ECO-Friendly => Though the Carton Sometimes Spills the Juice out :)

Disclaimer: “I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity”. I received the samples for an honest review.

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