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Isn't it a good rhythm!? This is what these kids are up to this week at school it seems! Have fun :) #dancingkids #dancetotherhythm

Isn't it a good rhythm!? This is what these kids are up to this week at school it seems! Have fun :) #dancingkids #dancetotherhythm

Miraclesuit swimming costume from Patricia-Eve

The very first time when I dipped my toe into the swimming pool was only after delivering my first daughter. Yes, I know….. too long to wait….But the environment where I was brought up had no such great facilities to motivate me to learn swimming. 

Until that time, swimming was something too scary for me. Even when we head to the beach, I would roll up my jeans and just wet my feet because I was told by my mum that the sea goddess would be upset with me if I come back home without touching the sea water!!!!!  Some myth that I blindly follow even now and oh, Yes!, I cautiously warn my children too (when they were too young) but now they refuse to come out of water when we go to the beach!…

So, when swimming was a dream for me, swim costume was a nightmare! Just delivered a baby and a breastfeeding mum with the post-delivery tummy!

I decided to go for swim lessons and googled for the best swimsuit that would hide my post delivery shapes and make me feel comfortable. No doubt, MiracleSuit was the first to be recommended.  Here is a sales video from Miraclesuit that I enjoyed watching, hope you will too. 

Being so comfortable with Miracle Suit, I happily accepted the offer when Patricia-Eve asked me if I would like to review one of the new ranges. 

I received the colourful Remix Escape to try out. It is an absolutely gorgeous print swimsuit with the moderate leg and scoop back and highlighted patterns. The underwire foam bra with full body control is the catching point for me. Most of the Miracle suits are known and admired for these features.  

Remix Escape 1

I quite like bright patterns as this would be mainly my holiday beachwear and I was very happy to receive this style but comes with a strap so you can wear it as per your comfort. 

The swimsuit holds good in water and I felt very comfortable.  The tummy control gives a good shape around the waist and the underwired, molded cup bra gives extra comfort. If you are new “breastfeeding” mum, you will really appreciate this feature and will never look back. 

Remix Escape 2

The Miraclesuit swimwears are made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ spandex for a long lasting fit and it is 69% Nylon 31% LYCRA® Spandex. The sweet heart neckline was just beautiful. 


The fixed straps helped me to worry less about the loosened straps and put me at ease to thoroughly enjoy the holiday at Menorca. 

Do you have a Miraclesuit swimwear that you love? We would love to hear your thoughts. 

e-meet you at the next post…Take care…Bye…

-Rishi @mummyandcuties

Kazoops – Don’t forget to watch on cBeebies at 4:20pm on 20th Jun

There is a brand new show on cBeebies on 20th June and don’t forget to tune in at 4:20pm


Last weekend, we were invited to the #Kazoops Premiere and we were excited to watch 3 episodes as part of the premiere. The episodes are around 7 minutes and I feel it is a perfect time slot to keep the children occupied rather than starring the screen for a long time. 


Kazoops is all about imagining something in a different way than usual. It is about imagining something on the exciting side rather than the usual, boring way the grown-ups have explained. 

Monty, the young boy who loves his pet dog Jimmy Jones and lives with his lovely family including his older sister and crazy Granny. Monty’s imaginative skills take him along with his pet dog to a different world where things are cool, calm and ofcourse adventurous.


                              Do Socks need to match!?

Well, we found a convincing solution after the premiere and who knows! you may as well find it on the first day of the screening. 

The kids were glued to the chair from the moment the first episode was on the screen and until someone came back to the mic to bring them to the real world.

The series is packed with colours, musics, questions and very interesting ways to find answers to the questions. 


The kids loved Kazoops and came home with answers to few of their “Why can’t it be like that instead of this!?” 

I am sure there will be more fun on June 20th so don’t forget to watch the Kazoops at 4:20pm. 

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