Need a cost efficient, Simple and easy phone solution for your business – Vonage could be the best option to consider

We have started a small business recently that has the highest demand of regular offshore meetings to keep track of the progress. Either small or big, No business is easy to run and it needs high volume calls to bring everything and everyone together to run a successful business.

To start with, everything might seem tough and every demand from business sometimes might workout expensive. Apart from the high-speed internet connection, the other demanding need from the business is the high volume calls that we always felt being the  expensive one until we had been given a chance from Vonage to try out their Simple, easy and cost-effective second phone line through mumsnet blogger network.


How does Vonage Works? 

Vonage is an easy and cost-effective solution to have your second line phone and comes with multiple package options. Vonage home phone service connects your calls using your high-speed Internet connection, not the traditional phone line saving you money and giving you more options.

Once you’ve signed up and chosen a calling plan, you’ll receive a FREE Vonage Box™ in the mail. At this point, you’ll be three steps and about five minutes away from using Vonage. It is basically an adapter that makes the connection between your phone, the Internet and the world



The Box contains,

1 x Vonage box

1 x Vonage box power supply

1 x Ethernet cable

1 x Telephone socket adaptor

1 x Quick start guide

The Quick start guide is really quick, hardly took 3 minutes for us to set up. It is really that quick. It has clear instructions with pictures that you guarantees for a successful setup.

photo (2)

How to set up Vonage Second Phone line connection?

  1. Plug your Vonage Box™ into your existing high-speed Internet connection.
  2. Plug any home phone into the Vonage Box™.
  3. Pick up your phone and start dialing.
  4. Seriously, it’s that easy.

And, Yes…. Indeed because it was very easy to set up, I was rather confused if I have done everything correct and wasn’t sure myself. I was quite confused and couldn’t convince myself it if it was really that easy to set up (1)

What you need before setting up Vonage?

  • You need an existing high-speed  internet connection and that is all you need actually.
  • A home phone (either wired or wireless) => Some of the calling options come with a free phone as an inclusive package deal. * There are different deals at various times.

The best things about Vonage:

  • Very Simple to set up  - You don’t have to be technically an expert to set up Vonage.
  • There are flexible plans and multiple options to suit everyone’s need.
  • Some of the options can be used with mobile phones.
  • Vonage can also be used to send Fax – though we haven’t still tried it yet.
  • You can use up to two vonage phone lines ( We haven’t tested it yet, so no comments on how it works!
  • It works anywhere in world – Just with the existing internet connection and the Vonage box. How wonderful!

There are no hidden charges with Vonage. You just pay as per your calling plan and it comes with the 30 days Money back guarantee. So, You are free to try to see if it really suits your needs and also Vonage is very flexible in changing your calling plans if you think you have gone for the wrong choice of plan. Plus, time to time, there are some attractive freebies and deals, so you might get lucky to grab some good deals.

Watch the video for a quick overview of how to set up Vonage and how you can benefit from Vonage Service.

As part of the trial, we were trying out the Vonage Premium + World + Mobile call plan that is approximately charged at £19/month that includes,

- unlimited UK landline calls 
- unlimited calls to 68 countries
- 250 min to UK mobiles, 3p a minute thereafter
- use your calling plan on your home phone and smart phone
- a dedicated second phone line with no installation costs
- your choice of UK number and area code (as your second line)”

****Please check with Vonage as the deals and package inclusive are updated regularly. For more details on Vonage and the plan click here plans/plans/

The most attractive feature that I loved the most is “Use your Vonage box Abroad”. I am soon sending a box to Mum and Dad and I am sure they are going to love it. The best thing is It is the high quality call with no noise!

How to use your Use your Vonage box Abroad?

Calls to a Vonage box abroad from a UK landline or mobile are charged at standard landline calling rates. That means you can send a Vonage box to any country in the world and call it from your mobile or landline for your standard calling rate. And if you’re a Vonage customer using a Vonage Box in the UK, calls to a Vonage box abroad are always included. Calls from a Vonage box abroad can have a UK call plan. So they can all the advantages of unlimited calling.

With so much benefits and flexibility to suit your personal and/or business need, I feel Vonage is something that you should definitely give a try and I highly recommend the service.

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We are ready for the launch – Day 16 – The final day of Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown

Mummy and the Cuties are so pleased to be one of the guests to introduce the Series 11 Moshi Monsters to you. Here we are, on the last day of the countdown. Be sure to be one of the first to get your own as the Series 11 Moshlings are available in store now.



The Super special hero today is the ultimately cute but very demanding, just like Little Miss M. He is,

Weegul the Wobbly Dobbly


Name and Species: Weegul the Wobbly Dobbly

Personality: Spoilt, demanding, persuasive.

Wobbly Dobblies are fangtastically cute but goopendously demanding, especially if they don’t get their way. When they are not asking passers-by to plop glacé gooberries on their wafery horns, they are insisting on having their cushions plumped up and their backs scratched.

Habitat: Wobbly Dobblies like waddling around Crystal Grotto but they can also be found collecting candied fruit in Pawberry Fields.

Likes: Everything and anything.

Dislikes: Walking and choc chips.

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Moshi series 11 silhouettes