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The factors that might affect your dreams…

I am yet to meet a person who never had dreams!!!! Dreams as in the one you get while sleeping (where you have been the “all in one star” doing screenplay, story, editing etc except for publishing!) though I would also love to talk about the goals you love to achieve which is often addressed as “Dream high”

My children have dreams, hubby definitely has quite a lot! and yes, my grandparents and parents too! Infact, I believe everyone has dreams and we often wish for the dreams to come true (as far as they are really good, there is no harm)

I often dreamt of being a supergirl who always go on a rescue mission and save thousands!!! I think it is because I have always been a huge fan of superman and wondering why it should always be men who are super and not women? I have rescued people from train ( I know it is the impact of watching spiderman countless times while I was pregnant with my first cutie!), flight, fire and almost everywhere and from everything including sea (though in real world, I know only a little swimming to rescue myself from the lagoon pool)


There were few funny dreams in the family too that we often bring in our chat and laugh about. My grandparents are farmers and we have often seen our granny getting work from other people during her dream! :), She is usually very soft spoken and often found very kind to others so we found it hilarious when she is commanding people during her sleep!

It’s often proved that the dreams are usually the effects of how your day had been and mostly relate to the sleeping pattern, position and the mindset you are in when you go to bed. I usually dream towards dawn and often woke up to check the time which most times turns to be somewhere between 3 – 5 am! And, as far as I could remember, I had falling dreams when I sleep in the upper deck of a ship or a train!!!! 

Uncomfortable sleeping postures and disturbed mind could trigger bad dreams and as you get older, the flexibility of your body diminishes slowly, so it’s recommended to have a proper bedding for a good night sleep. Dad loves to fall asleep in his reclining chair. He finds it very comfortable than sleeping in a bed while having a nap! You must have read about my recent post on Malnutrition and  “NourishYourMuscles” and the importance of nutrition for elderly. I am sure, you would agree that sleep is another important factor to maintain good health, especially when you are getting older. A quick half an hour nap helps the body to regain and restore some energy to keep you moving.

I found some fantastic range of adjustable bed and reclining chairs at Adjustable beds and highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase some bedding for elderly. The orthopaedic adjustable beds for the elderly are guaranteed to offer help relieve pain from a variety of aches, pains and medical conditions and the memory foam pocket sprung adjustable bed mattresses help boost blood circulation by relieving joint and muscle pain as you have a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Do dreams come true!? – I say yes, When you dream high and work hard towards your dream 🙂

Do you dream? Had any weird dreams!? Had any Scariest dreams? Funny dreams!? Do you have any favourite dream? Do you by any chance have a dream that often repeats?!

I would love to hear from you. 

e-meet you in the next post, Take care..


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

Family Fun at McDonalds – #hellogoodtimes campaign and free #McFlurry


We usually fly to India during Summer holidays to meet the family, but due to other commitments this year, we stayed back and from my personal experience, I admit summer holidays are too tough to manage the kids who are often bored and especially when you have a hyperactive kid. 

To rescue the parents like us, McDonalds is running an exciting campaign #hellogoodtimes across UK, packed with fun and activities and YES, ofcourse with a free “McFlurry”! 


Just to let you know, it is a not a huge event to spend hours and hours! It is perfect for a mini day out at your local park of some nearest attraction and there are quite a few exciting activities for you to enjoy the day including a Photo booth, Free Mcflurry, a Ball pit where you dive in to find a special red ball with #Hellogoodtimes printed on it to claim your special prize.  

It’s too early for the little one to read #hellogoodtimes and there were many red balls in the ball pit, so she kept of peeking out with a random red ball and had great fun 🙂

McD Hellogoodtimes

McDonalds is running the campaign nationwide during the summer holidays and you can find your nearest location for the activity days using this link here. It’s usually planned nearest to a McDonalds restaurant, so must be easy to get around and the lovely team at McDonalds will be happy to help. The activities seem to differ at different locations and might include different games, Baloons, colouring, sticker activity, face painting and a lot more. 

There may also be a surprise visit from VIPs and celebrities although we didn’t have one during our visit. The kids had a lovely time and had a happy journey back with their own Galaxy Caramel McFlurry, perfect for a hot day! 


Don’t forget, the activities are planned until the first of week of September, so you have plenty of time to find out the nearest one to you and enjoy a fun filled day. And, there is also a Air Guitar giveaway, so grab your chance to enjoy the fun and win the prize. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event. All opinions are my own. 

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#NourishYourMuscles – How to protect you and your loved ones from Malnutrition

Last week, I talked about Malnutrition on the blog and mentioned about how ignorant we are when it comes to eating healthy and giving healthy food to our loved ones. If you haven’t had a chance yet to read the blog post,  please have a look at it now here. 

Malnutrition leads to muscle loss and thus causing various other problems including depressions and loss of interest in being active. It is the high time to take the utmost care to spot the signs of Malnutrition and take action at the earliest especially when you are looking after an elderly. 

Post Part 2

When you look at my Dad, it is hard to believe that he suffers muscle loss. He is a very active person who still (at the age of early 80’s) loves to cycle and finds reasons to keep himself active. Though his hearing is affected, he tries everything he could to live independent. Only when he started complaining about the unbearable leg pain when he was a little more active on some days, I realised he has lost quite a good amount of muscle on his legs. 

Muscle Loss 1

Did you notice the change in the muscle density in the above picture!?. Exactly that’s what happened to my Dad. So, It is important to spot the Muscle loss and Malnutrition at the earliest to avoid further damage. But it is definitely not something to be scared of. Age related muscle loss can be helped with diet and exercise. 

And, do you know “A 10 day period of bed-rest can lead to 1kg of muscle loss from the lower limbs in an older adult”

And people suffer from muscle loss takes longer to recover….

Muscle Loss 2

When you look at the above picture, what was your exact reaction!? I was like “Wow!, That’s highly impossible to ask my dad to include all those in his meals everyday!”. The reality is just as below. Believe it or not! Tea and biscuits – Dad’s favourite food, he can live with just having around 10 cups of tea everyday with a couple of biscuits at each tea time. So, there was no surprise if I say the below picture really shocked me. 

Muscle Loss 3

So, for someone like Dad who hates and developed a negative desire to food, the best way to keep his protein, energy and vitamin levels to the expected rate is by using Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS). He actually takes multivitamins from a leading pharmacy brand but the research and results after using ONS alongside food really impressed me. 

To repair and rebuild your muscle while recovering from illness needs the following nutrients. 

• High protein • β -hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB)  • Vitamin D • Calories • Other essential nutrients 

• β -hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB)  • Vitamin D • Calories • Other essential nutrients 

• Vitamin D • Calories • Other essential nutrients 

• Calories • Other essential nutrients 

• Other essential nutrients 

and the interesting fact is ONS helps regaining all these nutrients and promotes rebuilding the muscles. 

If you talk to your GP about your health conditions, you are highly likely to get the best advice about the Nutrient supplements that will help keeping the energy and vitamin level to the expected standard. But remember, exercise is also very important to nourish your muscles, so it is very important to keep yourself active. 

Hope, the blog post really helped you to understand Malnutrition and the left you with some tips and advice to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. More information can be found at Abbott Nutritional News

*I have been sponsored by Abbott to become an advocate for my Dad’s nutritional health, however all opinions are my own.

e-meet you at the next post…Take care…Bye…

-Rishi @mummyandcuties

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