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Kitchen Appliances – what would be your first choice?

Being a SAHM has it’s own pros and cons. Though, sometimes you feel like you are left alone and has less (No) social life, quite often you will find yourself engaged in discussing few interesting topics with other mums while you are walking home after dropping the kids at school. 

While the discussion has a lot of potential to turn into a debate, I do find it interesting. After all, there are days you return home with handful of ideas and valuable information. You must have read about our tumble dryer discussion at playschool.

Today, we generally talked about the home appliances and you would be scared to live without. While kettle and toaster were hitting the top of the list, microwaves seemed to be the third popular kitchen/home appliance that anyone would have by default and may be … we can read it as “a Kitchen appliance you can’t live without”. 


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Having a few Panasonic products at home including a Panasonic wet grinder and Panasonic G-10 and my recent, most loved Panasonic IPL, we were also discussing about the Panasonic kitchen ranges and how affordable they are. 

And, after sole heartedly agreeing that Microwaves could be the third most important kitchen appliance, we obviously were interested to find out how many of us would prefer an integrated Microwaves. 

Though it seems, Integrated microwaves are more trendy and stylish, most of us weren’t too keen to vote for it as it is usually expensive and doesn’t do any better than a stand alone Microwave (I have an integrated microwave in my Kitchen, but… honestly I preferred a stand alone one and as space was the constraint and I have very less work top space I opted in for integrated)

So… I am keen to know your thoughts. 

What would be your first three choices of Kitchen appliances?

And if you choose Microwaves to be one of the top three, Would you prefer an integrated or standalone?


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Braving the rain together with @HellyHensen rain coat #WeLoveRain #hellyhensen #rainwear #raincoat

Braving the rain together with @HellyHensen rain coat #WeLoveRain #hellyhensen #rainwear #raincoat

Our #panasonicparty is kicking in! Wish tomorrow isn't Monday! I need some wine and Pizza is on it's way! @comerounduk @comeround

Our #panasonicparty is kicking in! Wish tomorrow isn't Monday! I need some wine and Pizza is on it's way! @comerounduk @comeround

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