Come and join us on 30th July between 2 – 4pm for a Zelicious Zelfs twitter party

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We are excited to be the party host for the Zelicious Zelfs Twitter Party. 
The Party Date: 30th July 2014
The Party Time: 2.00 – 4.00pm 
While we are hosting the party at home, you can join us online on Twitter and we will be tweeting with hashtags #Zelicious and #Zelfs. During the party there will be online spot competitions and more fun and games to take part in, so make sure your laptop/PC and the smartphones are ready to go online as the party starts. 
All you have to do is follow UKmumstv @UKmumstv on Twitter to take part. We would love you to join in and make the party a great fun. 
See you all on 30th July between 2 – 4 PM on Twitter and look out for the Hashtags #Zelicious and #Zelfs.

Review: Twister Rave Skip-It

Are you good at skipping? …. Stop there!!!!…. I meant Skipping as in a fun game! Not skipping the classes in college and skipping your duties. Shh… Keep it with you.. I was good at skipping the classes in the Uni though (something I should never reveal it to DD1 and Yes.. Please! Don’t tell my Mum :( ). It seems she already had learnt a few tricks and trying to convince me to bunk school! Be alert Mummy!

But she is very good at Skipping – guess it right - the fun skipping :). We have a Hula Hoop skipper and that was her most loved toy. And when she was told that she is going to review Twister Rave Skip-It” from the leading Toy company Hasbro, she was Speechless and couldn’t wait for the delivery. 

Picture 1

So… Why “Twister Rave Skip-It” is a great attraction for the girls and could be a must have!?

  • Twister Rave Skip-It game is light up skipping fun – What more do you expect from a girly toy!? 
  • Twister Rave Skip-It lights up in 4 colours as you swing it and hop over it - It is just not 4 colours- More fun Awaits,
    Read on
  • 20+ light patterns -> You are guaranteed for an endless entertainment. 
  • Don’t stop or the Skip-It resets - Of which you might be really annoyed of some (mosttimes.
  • Coordinate your leg speed with the speed of the swing - You are sure to enjoy the fun, Don’t underestimate it though.. I could never make it and DD1 is getting a bit better now. 

Skip-It is all about improving your concentration and co-ordination. The longer you go, the more you’ll glow with Twister Rave Skip-It. There are so many different patterns to encourage you and keep you going.

Picture 2

How do you get on with Twister Rave Skip-It

Put the hoop on one leg and swing the rope while you hop over it. – Which I still haven’t managed to do well :( and DD1 had plenty of opportunities to tease and trick me :(. The colours glow and progress to each pattern and when all the four colours light up you’ve won the game! ” Don’t think it is easy… But it is not impossible. With 20 unique light levels to master, Twister Skip-It is the exciting past-time that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

As you skip along, you are sure to get the rhythm and there is a great chance to rock it until you get tired. It is a great fun for girls and an excellent investment to keep them goingMy 8 year old managed to get atleast 10 patterns as far as I could see but soon after that she was tired and couldn’t do more. So I wished, there was a pause button to give them a short break so she does not lose her score. She was indeed very disappointed when the Skip-It was resetting to the start! And I was definitely a Mum in trouble :(

Picture 3


What could have been improved:

  • Though it is advised to do it with Socks On, I felt it would have been great if the hoop had some softer material for the delicate skin.
  • As mentioned, even when you stop to take a break, Skip-It resets and it is definitely disappointing to an eight year old. But there is a workaround (which we are still not 100% sure as we were successful only a few times) – you can move it by hand to keep the motion Sensor active.
  • There is no information available to say the sequence of pattern. Though it is not that necessary for most children, I felt it would have been great if there was a pattern booklet to let the children know where they are.
  • The Batteries – I really wish the toys that need batteries could be sold with the batteries to start with to reduce the fuss and mess.  Please note this game requires 3 x AAA batteries, which are not included and we were lucky enough to have some in stock at home. :)

There are some Tips and Tricks of how to do a dance move with Skip-It – Browse for more videos. And there are also other range of toys available from Hasbro.

Twister Rave Skip-It is currently sold at an average price of £19.99. For something that would make the play time fun, Skip-It is definitely a good choice and may be all the girls can work together to beat Skip-it and reach the final level :)

Disclaimer: I received a sample free of charge for a honest review and was not compensated with money for writing this post. All opinions are my own.