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Europe Trip!? Stay connected always with Tep Wireless

We were on Europe trip and though I was very happy and excited about it, I was slightly worried about staying away from Social Media and didn’t want to face a nightmare of having a huge data roaming bill from my provider on my return. However, Holidays are so much fun but it is incredibly exciting when you can share your happy moments with your friends and family. 

So, Off I went to google for the cheap and best ways to stay connected while we are on the road trip at Europe. Out of numerous choices, I decided to go for Tep Wireless for the following reasons.

Tep Logo Edited


Why I recommend Tep Wireless:


  • Connects 5 devices. – This is the first reason for me to choose Tep Wireless as it was a family trip we always had all the 5 connected.
  • EASY DELIVERY & RETURN – Receive anywhere in the world (even airports), and return via post once back home.
  • Connects anywhere and everywhere in Europe except when you are on Brittany Ferries in the middle of the sea on the way to Spain and the tunnels you go through in Switzerland! :)
  • Easy to connect, No Setup or cables needed and comes with all in one charging adaptor. 
  • 8 Hrs battery life and Unlimited data usage – Very useful when you connect multiple devices and travel with children who would never stop watching  Peppa Pig on YouTube. Most of the network providers have set the limit on data usage. 
  • The Speed was very reasonable and I have hardly noticed it slowing down!
  • Secured – As you would always look for!

Tep Device

So …. How much do you pay!?

It is £6.50 per day, Actually for every 24 hours! So, if you use it, You pay for it (for 24 hours) and if you don’t switch on your Tep, You are not charged. Hubby rented it for 3 weeks and paid up front for the whole 3 weeks and after our return, we received a refund for the days we didn’t use Tep. 

You can also insure your device to cover you for loss. 

What about Customer Support:

You have 24/7 Customer support and technical assistance. You can connect to them on whatsapp, Live chat and phone. We had to get technical assistance as Hubby’s office laptop was not connecting to Tep while all the other devices connected to internet like a charm. As his laptop was connecting to all the other wireless networks but just not Tep, we have narrowed down the reason that it could be the network driver on his laptop which is still an unknown issue for us as he can not update the drivers on his own.

If you are travelling to Europe and still want to stay connected avoiding those huge data roaming bills, I strongly recommend trying Tep. There are also area specific WiFi devices if you are travelling to other countries. 

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. I found Tep wireless being very useful on our Europe trip and would like my readers to benefit from this post as not many of us are fond of googling before we travel abroad and I have heard many nightmare stories about data roaming bills. 

Back to School with Brantano and our Pledge to walk to school

Ok! 6 weeks of so called “summer” holidays……. while some of us have escaped the typical UK summer weather that we faced this time, I did hear the moaning from other parents who struggled to engage the kids during those rainy days.

Whether the rain is coming to an end or not, sadly, the great summer holidays are!. It is time to get ready for school and finish the last minute shopping. We walk to school and find it the best thing most (all) times as we worry less about school traffic and road chaos. But there is much more than that. During the time we walk to school,  we get to talk about the day leisurely, Play a little racing game, explore the different coloured and shaped leaves and much more on our way to and back from school.

Brantano logo

 To help us tick the School shoes off the shopping list, last Sunday, Brantano invited us to the store to try their free fitting service and gave us the opportunity to review their shoes to tick the Shoes off our School list and to take the pledge to walk to school.Brantano Schoolwear

Brantano is working with the National Road safety Charity “Brake” to raise awareness about Road safety and encourage children to walk to school more on this new term. For every pledge Brantano receives, it will donate 10p to Brake. Also, an exclusively designed range of Brake shoes for boys and girls is also available in store and for every pair of Brake shoes purchased a donation will also be made to the charity.


We entered the store looking for Jo, who was then found helping another customer despite of juggling with nearly 5 show boxes and did manage to peak through the shoe boxes to welcome us with a big smile.

After finding a sweet home for those shoes, she was with us in a few minutes time to measure their shoe size. We started off with DD1 while DD2 found herself busy with Elsa and Anna who was at the front door to keep the children engaged.

Brantano Footwear 1

We then shopped around and it was really hard to choose as you will find that the collection at Brantano is the best shoes from all the major brands including Angry Angels. Clarks,  Hush Puppies, Skittles, Start-Rite and Skechers. 

We finally narrowed our choices to Angry Angels – Rosie for DD1 and the very special Elsa and Anna for DD2. The girls returned home with their very own special stickers and school shoes taking the pledge to walk to school.  

Pledge Card

What are you waiting for!? It is time to take the pledge, Pickup a Pledge card from Brantano store and upload the picture of your child holding the pledge card on Brantano Facebook page. Remember, for every pledge, 10p is donated to Brake. 

I would love to see your comments if you are taking part in the campaign and it would be great to see your pictures on Brantano Facebook page. 

Disclaimer: I have received a pair of shoes free of charge but this has never influenced my words on the post in anyways. As we walk to school and to promote the awareness on Road Safety, we wanted to take part in this Campaign. 

Toys Review: Ben & Holly Elf Tree Playset

Miniature play sets can never go wrong and definitely one of the best entertaining toys for children that would keep them engaged while letting their imagination flow freely. And, when it is associated with the Cartoon character they love, there is no end to the fun. 

Recently, we received a Ben and Holly Elf tree playset to review from Character online. Packed with accessories, the Elf tree playset is perfect for the little ones to have their own story time. 

Playset Ben and Hollly

The playset includes a Ben figure, a rocking Woodpecker, a workshop with trap door, Ben’s bedroom,  also the elf toy factory.  It also has a workbench, Bed and a Bookcase.

The Elf Tree Playset comes with three floors. Ben’s bedroom is situated at the top floor where you can find the cheeky Woodpecker being busy with it’s usual work. The middle floor has the deck and the trap door to the toy factory which is situated at the ground floor. There is a rolling belt with toy ducks which adds to the imagination. 

Ben and Holly 2

The Conveyor belt is never free and Miss M finds it funny rolling the little ducks and making more of them in the toy factory. The woodpecker has a peak through Ben’s bedroom and the rocking feature is a plus. 

Ben and Holly 3

The playset is very compact, colourful and encourages imaginative play. It is available on character online and priced around £29.99. 

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